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YOUR GORGEOUS FALL YEARS 40+, 50+ and 60+. The blessed years of womanhood when maturity and beauty go together hand in hand. Now we know exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are. We learned everything about ourselves and this knowledge makes us stronger and more confident. We earned every beautiful wrinkle on our face: after […]

Ginger and Freckles

This is very special. Special for all little darlings with red hair and freckles and their Moms! You can upgrade the shoot for Mother&Daughter Session with no extra cost to you. Give me a call right now to make your little daughter look and feel like a real princess. TO SCHEDULE A PHOTO SESSION: CALL […]

Mother’s Day

Mother and Daughter. The relation that bonds two women forever. I wish I could boast here with beautiful family portraits of my mother and me, but I have none. NONE!  When I came to the U.S.A., I left all my family albums in my Moscow apartment. The time to return took longer than I expected… When I came back for  a visit, […]


I asked this question to women I photographed many times and each time I heard a different answer. A few weeks ago I asked this question to myself. What does your portrait mean to you, Arina? What do you want to see in your portrait? Hard question, indeed! All I know is that I was […]

Want to be my Senior Rep?

If you want to be my senior rep and want to share beautiful senior portraits share with your friends on Facebook, you might be a perfect match for my Senior Rep. 1) I am looking for 7 very good looking, very slender girls in Independence, Ks area. (The dresses I offer are up to size […]

Wounds Physical and Emotional

Confession. I have two passions in my life: photography and wound care. Both are the most rewarding jobs I know. I haven’t experienced a better feeling in my life than seeing how my clients heal physically or emotionally. Just recently I earned a WTI certificate in wound care, and my company asked me for a […]

Child Portrait with Baby Animals

Being a mother of a little girl, I wanted to create something that my daughter would like, and an idea or a portrait of a child with a baby animal came to my mind. This is the first composite with a baby elephant I created. I am still thinking of about a composite with a […]

My DIY Oliphant Backdrop :-)

As many other little inventions, this backdrop is the result of a mistake. I was going to paint my styrofoam board peanut shell color, but without knowing what peanut shells look like in Australia, I bought quite bright yellow paint at Walmart that later I was proudly calling “Gold” to cover my error with some […]