40+, 50+ and 60+. The blessed years of womanhood when maturity and beauty go together hand in hand. Now we know exactly what our strengths and weaknesses are.

We learned everything about ourselves and this knowledge makes us stronger and more confident. We earned every beautiful wrinkle on our face: after all, they give us character and tell our life story much better than the face of any 18 year old could possibly do.

Coco Chanel once said: “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” What if I tell you that 60’s is the new 30s?


My name is Arina Thomsen and I am a portrait photographer who specializes in female portraiture.

Like you, I have entered my Fall Years, and I know exactly how this transition makes a woman feel about herself.

I could have told you my own story, but I have listened to so many stories that my female clients have shared with me that I realized we all have similar fears and doubts within us.

I cannot emphasize more that every woman at any particular age needs to feel and look beautiful. Maybe that is why I hate modern media that tells us that it is only young girls who are beautiful and it is almost a sin to grow old.

With my work I prove the opposite every day. Beauty is like a fine wine, it only gets better with time.

IMGL5448 B&W sm

For me, there is no greater joy than to photograph a woman beautifully and see the tears of happiness and self-acceptance in her eyes.

I have been so blessed to see them so many times, that I can say my mission has almost been accomplished, but in fact it is not fully accomplished because I haven’t photographed YOU!

My dear friend, like me and all those women whose timeless portraits I created, you are going through the most beautiful years of your life.


Like me and all those beautiful women, whose portraits are looking at you now from your screen, you might find this transition to maturity rather challenging.

I will tell you in all honesty how I feel about it: like all those women I photographed, you won’t be just pleased, you will be thrilled with the amazing portraits I will create for you.

Celebrate your GORGEOUS FALL YEARS with Arina Thomsen Photography and contact me BEFORE NOVEMBER 15th.

SHARE IT ON YOUR PAGE AS A REFERENCE and call me for an obligation free consultation (620)-714-1716.

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Ginger and Freckles

This is very special. Special for all little darlings with red hair and freckles and their Moms!

You can upgrade the shoot for Mother&Daughter Session with no extra cost to you.

Give me a call right now to make your little daughter look and feel like a real princess.

CALL ME   (620) – 714 – 1716
and  send me your info as a backup using the form below.

Thank you.



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Freckles Arina Thomsen Photography Southeast Kansas Tulsa Oklahoma Bartlesville OK Independence Ks Coffeyville Pittsburg Ks Parsons Arina Thomsen Photography Southeast KsChicken Whisperer Genavieve Arina Thomsen Photography Southeast Kansas Tulsa Oklahoma Bartlesville OK Independence Ks Coffeyville Pittsburg Ks Parsons Arina Thomsen PhotographyGenavieve Arina Thomsen Photography Southeast Kansas Tulsa Oklahoma Bartlesville OK Independence Ks Coffeyville Pittsburg Ks Parsons Arina Thomsen Photography Southeast Ks

LITTLE BEAUTY – Beautiful portraits of your beautiful daughter

My little Sophia turned 5 just a few days ago. To celebrate this and make all little girls look and feel like princess, I am running a special event called Little Beauty.

Please note that only 8 spots are available and they have to be reserved at least 7 days prior the event that will last only 3 days: April 10th to April 12th. Please fill out the form below to let me know what is the best day and time to contact you over the phone. I need to discuss all the details with you on the phone no later than April 1st.

1) Please indicate in your message the day you want for your photo shoot: April 10th (Friday), April 11th (Saturday), or April 12th (Sunday).

2) Please let me know what is the best day and time to contact you over the phone (no later than April 1st).

3) To reserve your time slot, you must pay  a non-refundable retainer at least 7 days prior to the day of the photo shoot.

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The photo shoot will take place in Independence, Ks.


Mother’s Day

Mother and Daughter. The relation that bonds two women forever. I wish I could boast here with beautiful family portraits of my mother and me, but I have none. NONE!  When I came to the U.S.A., I left all my family albums in my Moscow apartment. The time to return took longer than I expected… When I came back for  a visit, all the photographs of my mother were gone. Because I don’t have my Mom’s photos, there is a void in my heart that I can’t fill with anything.  I would give several years of my life to have them back. That is why I am creating these beautiful Mother-Daughter portraits for you, so you will be able to have and cherish them forever. Far into the future, your daughter will be able to share them with  your grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. How I envy you, because I don’t have this opportunity.


Beci&Amber _ Arina Thomsen Photography Southeast KansasTulsa Oklahoma Bartlesville OK Joplin Mi Independence Ks Coffeyville Ks - Pittsburg Ks - Parsonsn KsHolly _ Arina Thomsen Photography Southeast KansasTulsa Oklahoma Bartlesville OK Joplin Mi Independence Ks Coffeyville Ks - Pittsburg Ks - Parsonsn KsMichelle&Endesha _ Arina Thomsen Photography Southeast KansasTulsa Oklahoma Bartlesville OK Joplin Mi Independence Ks Coffeyville Ks - Pittsburg Ks - Parsonsn Ks


Gina&Morgan_Independence_Ks copyIMGL1345IMGL1276

YOU HAVE  TO CALL ME 620-714-1716 and please send your info as a backup using the form below

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I asked this question to women I photographed many times and each time I heard a different answer. A few weeks ago I asked this question to myself.
What does your portrait mean to you, Arina? What do you want to see in your portrait?

Hard question, indeed! All I know is that I was always fascinated by looking at random photos of myself, noticing the little changes that have happened to me with the course of my life. No, I do not take selfies, I think I am a little out of the age category where I can say that a cell phone selfie will adequately reflect who I am… Yes, I managed to embrace myself along with all my age and body changes. This is me, older, not so slender, not so fresh any more like 20 years ago, and I am fine with it. But there is something that I still cannot accept: the major change in my lifestyle.

There is however an amazing thing that a professional portraiture can give to you: it can show you the way you want to see yourself. I will explain what I mean. I never perceived myself as cast in concrete, my tastes and style have been changing constantly. My young childhood was about being a tomboy, playing with boys, climbing trees, fencing with swords, and shooting with bow and arrows. Jeans and shorts were my clothes of choice. Dresses were too girly for my lifestyle, I despised dresses and everything that made me look like a girly girl. LOL.

I was growing older, I became a wife and a mother, something suddenly changed. I wanted to feel and look feminine. Long skirts, beautiful dresses and romantic blouses became a dominant part of my wardrobe…. Yes, living in a big city, I had a lot of opportunities to wear all those elegant and beautiful clothes…. It was part of my everyday lifestyle.

Then my life changed again, from a big city where I spent more than 30 years of my life, I moved to a small rural area in the Midwest, where at my daytime job (which wasn’t an office job any more) I had to wear scrubs…. When I think about going to a bigger city (which is 2-3 hour drive from Independence, Ks), I strongly feel that I will feel more comfortable wearing flat shoes and trousers than a lovely dress that requires a pair of stilettos… When I start thinking about waking up an hour earlier than my regular 5:30 am to apply makeup, believe me I just prefer no makeup at all. Sleep is more important for my wellbeing and ability to function proficiently at this point of my life.

But… but… Am I still a woman? Do I still want to look gorgeous? Do I still want to wear those beautiful clothes even if there are no particular places or event I can go to put them on??? Oh, yes!!!! Yes I do! Yes, yes, yes!!!! It boosts my self esteem, it makes me feel and look better when I know that I can look great. I need a document that will show to myself and to the rest of the world how great I can look if I want to.

That is what a professionally made portrait means to me. It means a WORLD to me! When I ask women who I photograph how they want to be photographed, I always hear different answers. I listen to them very carefully and with all my passion in making women look and feel beautiful, I help them to create their ideal self image that will help them to feel confident, beautiful, and loved by themselves and others.

This is me with my romantic self-portrait:

This is my client with her beautiful portrait: IMGL8213

And this is my client with the portrait of her beautiful daughter: IMGL8197sm copy

Want to be my Senior Rep?

If you want to be my senior rep and want to share beautiful senior portraits share with your friends on Facebook, you might be a perfect match for my Senior Rep.

1) I am looking for 7 very good looking, very slender girls in Independence, Ks area. (The dresses I offer are up to size 4, max 6).
If don’t live in Independence, Kansas, you will have to travel to my studio

2) You will have to be well rested, attentive and able to follow my instructions.

3) I will provide you with beautiful clothes, but feel free to bring your favorite outfits.

4) You hair and makeup will be done at my studio, you parents will have to cover the expense – $100 for the makeover for 1 person.

5) If you schedule your session before October 15, I will offer studio and location images.

6) I will post up to 5 low res watermarked images on Facebook. Feel free to share, but don’t crop out the watermark or put any filters (like instagram etc) on my images. You must not modify them. It is the requirement.

7) I do not include any prints, but your parent will be able to purchase them after the reveal session if they want them.

8) Your parents must be present at the consultation and they must sign the Model Release form.

9) Share this information with your parents and call me before October 15 to get the best of the offer 620-714-1716

Wounds Physical and Emotional

Confession. I have two passions in my life: photography and wound care. Both are the most rewarding jobs I know. I haven’t experienced a better feeling in my life than seeing how my clients heal physically or emotionally. Just recently I earned a WTI certificate in wound care, and my company asked me for a photograph for the corporate newsletter and WTI hall of fame. Since I only created my self portraits in glamour style, today I did my first corporate style selfie. I hope you will like it.

Child Portrait with Baby Animals

Being a mother of a little girl, I wanted to create something that my daughter would like, and an idea or a portrait of a child with a baby animal came to my mind.

This is the first composite with a baby elephant I created. I am still thinking of about a composite with a bear cub 🙂 Anyway, Sophia already liked it so well, that she asked me to put it on her wall.




My DIY Oliphant Backdrop :-)

As many other little inventions, this backdrop is the result of a mistake.

I was going to paint my styrofoam board peanut shell color, but without knowing what peanut shells look like in Australia, I bought quite bright yellow paint at Walmart that later I was proudly calling “Gold” to cover my error with some good sounding word.
I shot a couple of my clients using it, and honestly I didn’t like it and got tired of it pretty soon.

At the same time, my husband made another small mistake too. While fighting with weeds in our yard, he bought a roll of semi translucent drop cloth with a beautiful texture from Lowe’s instead of the heavy black drop cloth that he used to buy in the past. The piece was too big and quite a big cut was left on the roll after he finished.

Two failures combined, as well as my obsession to use up everything till the very last piece or drop, ended up as a little home photography project: my husband and I glued the drop cloth to the yellow painted surface of the styrofoam with Elmers glue, put it flat on the floor to dry overnight. We used plates as little weights and pinned the ends that didn’t stick with cloth pins. I used this backdrop the very next morning in the photo shoot.

You can try different colors that combine with gray of the cloth well, but my yellow, I think, looks very good with red clothes.

Thank you for your attention and please come again to learn more ideas you can use for your own home studio. I will keep you posted!

SENIORS 2014! Glam your dress with Arina Thomsen Photography


5 Spots available! One will win a free Gift Voucher and 1 big and 2 small prints. Must SHARE it on Facebook with your friends publically and  tag #glamthedresswitharina in your share or comment so I can find you.

I was looking at all those beautiful young girl on Facebook pages recently and that is what I thought… Before you sell your beautiful dress or give it away, why don’t you don’t you rock in it for the very last time in my studio? Every young lady who will buy my Gift Voucher and contacts me before the May 15th, will get a 8×10 and 2 4×6 from me as my gift.

Contact for more details (620)-714-1716


Young ladies, as much as I want to create amazing portraits of everyone of you, I must have a consent from your parents first, so please let your Moms contact me. I won’t be responding to the requests from young ladies under age. But please share and tag #glamthedresswitharina so I can see your profile and make my pick 🙂

Glam your dress