What does your portrait mean to you?

Today I created a series of self portraits that were made to make me feel beautiful again. Suddenly I realized how long I postponed it. We, women, think we are never good enough. We always want to improve something about us: lose weight, grow hair, get fit… Today I said to myself “enough”. Time goes by. You will never be perfect. We grow older, every day we are getting older. I told myself: do it if not for yourself, do it for your children, do it for your family. Honestly, I want my children to remember their mother beautiful. I want them to appreciate good portraiture and see the difference between a blurry cell phone snap shot and a professional timeless portrait. And the best part of all this is that I can do the same for you too! I can create a timeless portrait of you that will make you feel beautiful again. Please, dear girl friend, loving mother, always busy wife… do not wait. Do it now. It might happen that you will never find time and will be regretting that you missed that opportunity. I am here to create this beautiful portrait of you. If I could do it for myself, no doubt I can do it for you.



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